Northern Israel, a Magnet for Adventure Lovers

The North, home to the Galilee and Golan Heights, is often referred to as the Tuscany of Israel. Here, you’ll find a landscape of endless beauty, showcasing sun-drenched mountain paths, endless greenery, rolling hills, and extraordinary landscapes. If you’re a lover of nature, then take note:

There is a whole world to discover on an adventure up North! The Galilee is bursting with opportunities for you to discover flowers, hike mountains, or simply watch the birds migrate in Hula Valley. Once a vast swamp, this valley is now an amazing nature reserve.

Discover Akko, a city where Jews, Arabs, and Bahai live harmoniously; explore the Bahai Gardens of Haifa, a stunning Unesco heritage site; listen to Biblical stories through the Jezre’el Valley, a large plain that stretches between Mt. Gilboa and the Carmel Mountains; and visit Haifa, a city that combines the splendor of mountains with endless, pristine beaches.
There are opportunities to take part in Christmas celebrations in Nazareth, to experience a Shabbat in Akko, and to dine in the homes of the Druze.

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“Our family spent 12 fabulous days in Israel, and I cannot wait to return."

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Would give 100 Stars if I could!
Our kids were able to connect with Israel in a very special way.

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Be ready to immerse yourself in home-cooked food, hand-picked vegetables, and fresh opportunities to connect with locals. You’ll not only experience religion and culture but will unearth gems of the Galilee by foot, horseback, bike, jeep or car.