Make Family Memories and Take Awe-Inspiring Photos

Israel is one of the most family-friendly countries in the world! A large part of the Israeli culture, activities for children are everywhere you look. For kids, ages five and up, kayaking is a must-do! Take your join you on a kayaking adventure down the Jordan River for a memory the whole mishpacha (family) won’t easily forget!

Magic Family Moments Happen Here

Did we tell you that this country is also magical? Get enchanted inside the Nimrod Fortress, the largest medieval structure in the region. This journey begins after sunset with an oil lamp tour of the fortress. Relive the medieval era while watching the shadows dance on the wall, as you learn about the mysticism held inside the stone walls.

Afterwards, enjoy a wine tasting at a local winery – but not before we drop off the kids at the De Karina chocolate factory for a chocolate workshop. It’s chock-full of fun!


Cool Off with the Hot Springs of Hamat Gader or the natural Sachne (Gan Hashlosha)

Hamat Gader is a sprawling complex that covers 15,000 square meters and has something for everyone. Water parks and spa facilities thrill old and young alike, its main attraction being the thermal mineral springs. These springs date back to Roman times, with stunning baths and halls that are known for their relaxing capabilities and medicinal benefits. 

Sachne is a national park that consists of a beautiful oasis pool fed by underground natural springs located in the Lower Galilee next to Beit Shean. The water is clear blue and always a constant 28 degrees C (82 F) so it is refreshing almost year round. The pools are surrounded by palm trees and lush green lawns that make for a full day of picnicking, playing, and relaxing.

What do your kids love to do? Let us know and we will make it happen. Whether they dream of visiting a kangaroo farm, playing with the residents at the monkey farm, or want to indulge in a workshop for ice cream lovers, we’ve got the whole family covered!


Check out the following for some more family activities!

Don’t miss out on a visit to the Keshet Cave (Arch Cave), one of the most beautiful geological wonders in Israel. Once a true cave, the Rainbow Cave was worn down by weathering processes and is now a massive arch hanging over a magnificent view!

Take part in an extremely fun outdoor learning activity at the Achziv Nature Park – the instructor will provide a safety brief and explain about the marine life at the reserve. 


Choose one of the following options:

    • Opt #1 – Tornado boat (speed boat)
    • Opt #2 – Kayaks to the grottoes and guided snorkeling tour at the reef (+12yo)

* Note that this activity depends on the sea conditions, currents and wind and may be changed due to weather conditions


Ready for some fun? Drive to Manara Cliff and participate in different activities – bungee trampoline, cable car ride up the steep mountain, mountain slides, archery, wall climbing and many more extreme games!

Enjoy an unforgettable 4X4 jeep tour. This is a fascinating encounter with a local guide who will provide you with a broad understanding of the borders of the region, the history and the different ways of life in the Golan Heights. We will drive along the northern borders, a perfect way to experience the Golan to its fullest (not a self-driving activity).

Next, visit Kibbutz Harduf and learn a bit about the kibbutz life. The concept of the kibbutz has changed quite a bit from the idea of communal living when it first began, however here we have a great example of the modern day kibbutz. Visit the organic farm and see how they grow their own vegetables and keep a sustainable way of life. This kibbutz is known not only for its high quality organic products but also for the rehabilitative hostel operating on its grounds, run by the kibbutz members. They help reintegrate young adults who have suffered emotional and mental trauma and illness by incorporating them in the kibbutz’s day to day activities. Participate in activities such as veggie picking, egg gathering and feeding the calves.

Enjoy a visit to the Monkey Forest at Yodfat. Tour this special educational animal sanctuary and get to feed the monkey too!