Start-up Nation

“There is no shortcut to success – and Israelis earn their stripes through constant risk-taking and hard work.”
Henry Swieca, Founder of Talpion Fund Management

To really get into the depth and breadth of Israel, one must try to understand the code of ethics, work values, and this endless hunger to succeed and know everything. According to city officials, Tel Aviv is home to nearly 1,000 startups – or 19 startups per square kilometer – and about 50 international research and development centers.

In 2018 alone, the value of exit deals for startups in Israel was 1.8 billion US dollars. It’s not farfetched to say that everybody here has a startup, has worked for one, or knows someone who has worked for one.

Here, it’s impossible not to get addicted to ideas, try to answers to what’s missing in society, or feel the need to solve problems with fresh startups. This is a land where Waze leads the way for drivers, Moovit is life’s answer to “how do I get there?” and – of course – cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other grave illnesses are well on their way to being formulated.

Let us introduce you to Israeli startups, founders, owners, employees. We want to match you with your interests. Have a knack for gaming? We’ll connect you with leaders in the industry and show you their offices, office culture, and create networking opportunities for you.

Are you interested in health science? We’ll introduce you to leading scientists creating solutions to problems that we thought would never be solved. Do you want to invest in Israeli high tech? Are you looking for your next venture? We’ll guide you and help you rub elbows with people who will motivate you, connect with you, and make a difference in your life.

We have a special collaboration with IAngel, a company that is on a mission to open the unique Israeli ecosystem and create opportunities for foreign investors. We offer accredited investors from around the globe the opportunity to co-invest with prominent angel investors in Israeli startup companies. In turn, you will enjoy the massive deal flow, exclusive opportunities, favorable deal terms, and hand-in-hand support from IAngel’s professional team. Enjoy a special dinner and hear stories about the Start-Up Nation. Together, this will be a startup matchmaking match in heaven.

Meet the Owners
We want you to be a part of the puzzle! Meet with Nir and Guy, the owners who brought Puzzle Israel to life. Have an open conversation with them about their travel company, a tourism startup of several years, which they built from the ground up!

They will be happy to tell you more about the Startup Nation you are visiting and answer your questions, too.

Together, we will have dinners with CEOs, encounters with developers, and talks and opportunities with people who thrive in the land of startups. Ready to jump in? Tell us your passion, and we will make it happen!

Thank you again for making this a trip of a lifetime...

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