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At Puzzle Israel we understand the importance of giving back to communities both near and far. This is why we seek to include in our activities social initiatives to participate in. We strive to conduct our business in the most socially and ecologically-responsible way possible. As an outdoors-oriented travel company, we offer; building trip itineraries, organizing survival workshops, combining culinary services with existing tours, and much more. We invite anyone from anywhere to take part in one or more of the programs we are engaged in.

“Service is the rent we pay for living.” – Marian Wright Edelman


Journey of Remembrance – The Congolese Delegation tour in Israel

“Israel Forever Foundation & Partners (Puzzle Israel)” have set out to organize, plan and realize a 10-day long Congolese delegation tour in Israel. After the Jewish Holocaust, humanity said “never again”. Unfortunately, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been going through a genocide that has so far killed more than 8 million since 1998. If nothing is done, the chaotic situation of the country will lead to more and more victims. This project of visiting Israel in this context will help raise people’s awareness and help stop this ongoing genocide in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The aims of the Congolese delegation’s visit to Israel is to show their support to the people of Israel and learn from the Holocaust authority how to keep alive the memory of the 8-10 million Congolese who have died in the ongoing Genocide in the DRC. Depending on the funds that our partnership will be able to raise, we hope to sponsor the delegation’s arrival to Israel for this important cause. There will be 52 delegation members and the average cost per person for the entire stay is $4000 including delegation expenses and airfares.

We recognize that there are numerous humanitarian crises around the world that require urgent attention. Yet the war and humanitarian crisis overwhelming Congo are on a scale that can no longer remain ignored. Now is the time for action, now is the time for leadership. We hope that you will agree to help with our important cause to bring the Congolese delegation to Israel and make a true difference.


The Lone Soldier Project

When Lone Soldiers are discharged from the IDF, they are presented with many choices. Choosing to stay in Israel is a tough one, since their families, friends, and networks are all abroad. At this stage, they usually lack the financial and emotional support they need, in Israel. Supported by the Israel Forever Foundation (IFF), Puzzle has created a structured 4-day seminar that will allow the Lone Soldiers, who are about to return to civilian life, to expand their social and professional networks. The seminar will expose them to Israel through its nature, culture, and history, while learning about its economy, social structure, and professional market.

As an incentive and sign of appreciation, donating schools from Jewish communities around the world (particularly from the north of the US) will receive an educational Teacher’s Kit that will include structured lessons concerning Israel, the IDF, and the unique service the Lone Soldiers experience. The Lone Soldier seminar consists of four days and three nights, with the first two days focusing on group bonding activities, hiking trips, ODT, and other attractions. The other two days focus on the specific tools the Lone Soldiers need in order to live and succeed in Israel.


Partnership with The Israel Forever Foundation

You’ve joined Puzzle Israel for a unique and unforgettable Israel travel experience.

What’s next? Meet The Israel Forever Foundation, your home for worldwide Israel engagement. Channel that initial spark of inspiration you found through your Puzzle Israel experience and take it to the next step through IFF’s innovative programming.

Allow others to share in your experience through our Israel Memory Project. Celebrate and strengthen your connection to Israel in countless ways, whether through a daily dose of the IFF website, or by signing up as a Virtual Citizen of Israel™.  Participate in real or virtual events that will highlight Israel’s incredible contributions to civilization and its integral role in the Jewish world. The Israel Forever Foundation sets aside the politics, media, and advocacy that are so prevalent in the Israel-related dialogue, focusing instead on helping people worldwide enhance their personal connection to Israel. Perhaps you’ve already visited Israel, or you’ve read so much that if feels like you’ve already been. Whether you’re a frequent visitor or an admirer from thousands of miles away, let The Israel Forever Foundation place Israel at your fingertips!


Established by the Jewish Agency, Partnership2Gether was created to link Jewish communities from around the world directly to Israeli communities, mainly ones in national priority areas. Through joint activities, online or face-to-face, participants from both sides of the globe get to share ideas, knowledge, and their local customs.

These activities strengthen both communities while generating waves of change and cooperation between and within the communities. Check out the Jewish Agency’s Website to learn more about this special partnership program.

After several successful collaborations with the Partnership2Gether in Israel, we learned that there is always more room for additional activities aimed at expanding the social and business networks already formed.


Partnership2Gether: Karmiel – Misgav – Pittsburgh Partnership

As part of this partnership program, Puzzle developed a five-day trip plan that focuses on the partnership region in Israel. The trip itinerary includes; a rich variety of activities that highlight the region’s best features; peer-host hospitality; volunteering activities; home-cooked meals; hikes through nature reserves, and more. The Pittsburgh representatives participating in this program get to experience meaningful encounters with the geography, people, and culture of their twin-region.


Partnership2Gether: Cooking 2Gether

Another project, initiated by the partnership, was a series of interactive cooking workshops. Puzzle Israel had the honor of organizing the first event in this series, with Chef Nir Margalith as the host. The activity took place in a beautiful ‘sustainability’ garden in Misgav (the partnership region in Israel). The participants were involved in every step of the meal preparations; cutting vegetables, drinking wine, mixing tahini, and mingling with the other culinary enthusiasts.


Partnership with The Neshama Project – Rachelle Tratt

Rachelle Tratt is a yoga teacher, founder and owner of The Neshama Project, an artist, momma to a fluffy golden-doodle named “bailey,” a jewelry designer, a traveler, a free spirit, and an all-around beautiful soul. She shares her big love and deep connection for Israel, from the country’s complex history, its marketplaces, deserts and wine country, to her unmatched love of warm pita served with incomparable hummus. Join Rachelle for the Neshama: Israel retreat in June of 2014 and take the road less traveled, opening up your eyes, heart, body and soul.

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