Recommended Restaurants by Puzzle Israel

Whether you’re a certified gourmand or just someone who enjoys delicious food, you cannot go wrong with tasing Israeli cuisine during your trip to Israel.

The country’s cuisine is highly influenced by various cultural and religious groups (such as the Jews, Bedouins, and Arabs) who call Israel their home, and the resulting dishes have a unique blend of flavors, textures, and aromas that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. So, by going on culinary tours in Israel, you’ll treat yourself to delicious and mouthwatering appetizers, main courses, and desserts while learning a bit more about the country’s culture.

Here is Puzzle Israel’s list of Recommended Restaurants..


From the food, to the history, to the people we met - everything was fantastic.

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Thank you again for making this a trip of a lifetime...

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Tel Aviv

In total darkness, you will be served various dishes, escorted by blind waiters. When the eyes do not engage in the eating process, one’s ability to taste and smell food sharpens. There is so much to be “seen” when eyes are closed…
Dining at BlackOut is one of the three outstanding experiences offered to the visitors of the “Nalaga’at” Center. The Center is the first of its kind in the world, seeking to promote interaction between deaf-blind, deaf, and blind individuals and people able to hear and see, regardless of cultural or social distinctions.

Run by renowned Chef Meir Adoni (owner and Chef of the legendary Tel Aviv restaurant Catit), Blue Sky is located on the rooftop of the Carlton Hotel, with views of the city of Tel Aviv. It presents a rich vegetarian and fish menu in an elegant atmosphere. With two menus to choose from, you can indulge yourself in the highly sophisticated indoor restaurant, enjoying the plush and romantic atmosphere, or pick a bar stool on the rooftop balcony and look out over the ocean and the bustling city of Tel Aviv.

A high-quality tight menu, ‘with fresh produce and fine tastes – Meat and Eat combines two passions: good meat and Taboon oven-baked bread. You will find on the menu steaks, hamburgers, and a selection of meat and chicken portions, all served next to quality bread and refreshing salads. Located at the Tel Aviv port, the restaurant offers an urban atmosphere and a touch of the sea.


Hamiznon, translated as “the cafeteria” is a terrific dairy restaurant. The dishes are unique, the atmosphere is charming and the prices are about what you would expect to pay in a train station cafeteria, but that’s where the similarity ends. Nothing else about Hamiznon even remotely suggests a cafeteria. Hamiznon Kitchen Station is currently the only kosher restaurant at the First Station compound. But this is not the reason to visit this restaurant. Come here to be charmed by the atmosphere and to be fed creative dairy foods


Since the Eucalyptus restaurant first opened its doors, the restaurant has been at the forefront of authentic Israeli eateries. Read through their timeline and learn a little more about them and how they evolved throughout the years.


The new Jerusalem bistro invites you to enjoy their warm, homey atmosphere along with a menu that incorporates all the tastes and smells of Jerusalem. Behind the restaurant stands the well-known Chef Lior Hafzadi, from “Arcadia”, “Canela” and the Italian Michelin star awarded “Ristorante Da Vittorio”. Chef Hafzadi offers Israeli cuisine combined with flavors from around the world.


Right down the street from the famous Machane Yehuda Market, offers oriental dishes cooked by the family’s mother, Miriam Binyamin, who is both the head of the family and the Restaurant’s Chef. In an old Jerusalem stone building, Ima Restaurant serves everyone: local market workers, tourists, and local Jerusalemites ‘who all come down for a bite of no-nonsense comfort food that tastes like home. Appetizers include all your favorite salads, to be followed by traditional dishes like Kubbeh soup, stuffed vegetables, fried Kubbeh Nabalusia, and a selection of grilled meats.

Located above The Gap in the beautiful Mamilla – the new open-space mall and promenade, just outside of the Old City, this is a fine kosher deli. The restaurant was designed to fit right into the modern stylized promenade rich in history. Enjoy the view from the restaurant’s porch – one of the best vantage points in Jerusalem. Sweeping your eyes across the Old City, you can see the famous Jaffa Gate, the City of David, and more. Kedma prides itself on its Corned Beef. But there are many other delicious items on the menu.

Tavshilim restaurant was established in 1949. The restaurant resides in an old, Neo-Classic building, built by the Armenian Patriarch in 1906. Tavshilim kept its original location up to nowadays. Visitors of the restaurant will enjoy a warm and domestic environment, attractive prices, and delicious dishes, which are made of traditional as well as original recipes of the chef.

Rosh Pina and the area

A chef’s restaurant located in the heart of the picturesque settlement of Rosh Pina in the Upper Galilee. It was opened in May 2006 and serves its guests with dishes full of culinary experience and unique flavors, all serving professionally. The restaurant is named so because of the combination of meat and fish served with countless of delicious and unique dip.\

The country-style restaurant has been associated with good food for many years. In the center of the resort, the restaurant offers views of the horse corrals with the Galilee hills in the distance. The restaurant reopened after a complete renovation under the new management of Chaim Tibi, a highly respected Israeli chef. At Tibi’s restaurant on the farm, Chef Tibi has created a unique menu that appeals to all audiences, continuing his emphasis on using high-quality ingredients, including high-quality meats. At Tibi’s, he cures his own meats and makes his own sausage. **The restaurant is not Kosher!! 


Acre – Akko

Uri Yirmias, explorer, “salt of the earth” and autodidact experienced chef (among other things, he is the initiator of Helena restaurant at the Caesarea harbor) is the owner of Uri Buri restaurant, located at a simple unpretentious Ottoman building, residing near ancient Acre’s beach line. In this beautiful surroundings, Uri Buri restaurant has been offering for the past 20 years different kinds of intelligently prepared fresh fish and seafood dishes, served with more than 100 different kinds of fine Israeli wines. 


  • Please make sure that the restaurant you choose meets your culinary and Kosher level – we are here if you want to consult with us 
  • Children are accepted joyfully almost everywhere in Israel and you can bring them to almost every restaurant. 
  • There are hardly any dress codes
  • The tip is customary of 15-20% to the waiters
  • In case of food allergies tell the Puzzle Israel team in advance! While not traveling with Puzzle Israel, make sure to request to speak with the chef before placing your order to make extra sure you will not be served your Allergan