Maybe you’ve been to Israel before,
but left thinking “There has to be more.”

Why Us

Deeper connections. Meaningful memories. A trip to match, and even go beyond your imagination.

Whether you’re planning your first or tenth trip to Israel, you’re looking for more than the routine tours most companies offer.
You want to get beneath the surface.
To ride horses through the Jordanian mountains or cook traditional meals around a campfire in the Negev Desert.
To learn skills from local artisans or tour cities from the rooftops.
Perhaps kayaking and helicopter tours are more your fancies.
No matter the level of adventure that’s perfect for you, you’re part of a mini-society that has only a few members:
· Those willing to go where most never do.
· Those who don’t blindly accept the status quo.
· Those who want to learn the history and get in touch with the land and locals.

You’re willing to be surprised and enthralled.
To go home with stories that’ll open eyes and stir souls.
You want the best and nothing less - the missing piece to your Israel puzzle.
The puzzle piece you’ll only find by immersing yourself in the beauty of Israel.

Our Team

We are proud to do things differently and give you the best of every moment.


Founder & CEO

Nir grew up in Yuvalim, a village in Misgav, Israel, in the hilly region of the Lower Galilee.
Since he can remember, hikes and trips in nature have always been in his soul and over the years he has traveled extensively with his family, friends, and on his own. In addition to his love for the outdoors Nir developed a passion for cooking and cuisine. After years of experience gained working alongside the best chefs in the country, the knowledge he acquired, and the recipes he perfected, Nir established his own catering company that was eventually integrated in the Puzzle Israel company and is now known as the Puzzle Israel Catering.


Founder & President

My name is Guy Marom. I was born and raised in Israel.
I am married to Tal, a father to Yahli, and love the fact that my work enables me to share my biggest passion, traveling, with amazing people from all over the world.
Following extensive travels around the world, I founded Puzzle Israel in 2010, together with my partner Nir, with a deep desire to change the way tourists travel Israel. The understanding that a vacation is a carefully curated collection of information, tastes, smells, cultural encounters, beautiful views and much more were the inspiration for the name Puzzle - Travel, eat, connect.

Personally, I always found that the unseen, the less traveled, the secrets only the locals know are the most fascinating. These things are what unforgettable experiences are made out of. To this day I am in constant search of these types of experiences around the world so I can share them with my travelers everywhere.


Partner & CMO

Born in Buenos Aires, raised in Jerusalem. World Traveler, Tour Leader and goes by the name of Gabo the Guide.
After his 3-year military service, Gabriel left Israel to travel throughout Latin America where he discovered his passion for travel. After 14 months on the road as a ''Mochilero'', he arrived in the Yucatan Peninsula, where he settled on the Caribbean coast and lived there for 2 years until he decided to make a change and to live on an Island and explored his love for diving. After 4 years abroad, Gabo returned to Israel where he started his career as a tour guide. During that time, he was recruited to direct a Cyber-Intelligence start-up.
After getting a taste of the business world, Gabriel transformed his life again and started leading and guiding private groups in Israel and South America. Since then, he developed himself as an entrepreneur in the tourism field, where he finds his purpose till this day.

Tohar Yarimi

Head of Operations

Miri Greenberg

Customer Liason Director

Rotem Tanne

DIrector of Operations

Dor Aloni

Travel Specialist & IKE Director

Sara Nizri

Accounting & Book Keeper