Hike, Bike, and Run around the Galilee

The North of Israel is an adventurous nature lover’s dream bursting with opportunities to hike, run, climb and take in the stunning beauty around you.

In the Western Galilee, sightsee at the Agamon Hula Lake and Hula Bird Sanctuary Nature Reserve, a bird lovers’ paradise. Take a bicycle or choose a green vehicle to watch the stunning, picture-perfect migration of the birds along a 5.3-mile waterside path nestled between fruit groves. At night, join a wild safari to observe owls, bats, and more and end the night with a campfire.

Cyclists can revel in all the opportunities around them. These include a hike over the Sea of Galilee at Mount Arbel, an opportunity to dig into the caves, or a bike trail around the Sea of Galilee, passing by holy sites such as Tabgha, Kapernaum, the Jesus Boat, the New and Ancient Tiberias, and the Yardenit Baptismal Site.

If rappelling is your kind of adventure, repell the Keshet Cave, one of the most stunning geographical wonders of the world. A private instructor will guide you through this massive & unforgettable arch. Finnish with a 40-minute hike back to the top for a breathtaking adventure. Fun for the whole family!

Go Water Skiing at Akhziv Beach

Western Galilee, close to the city of Nahariya, is a water-lovers’ paradise. This dedicated natural reserve boasts endless beaches, beachside restaurants, and countless water activities ranging from Tornado speed boat cruises, sea safari, kayaking, and snorkeling to SUP. Soak up the beauty and thrills of the Mediterranean Sea.

Get a Panoramic View of the City with a Cable Car Ride

In Kiryat Shmona, home to the longest cable car in Israel, view a spectacular panorama of the Hula Valley, Mt. Hermon, and the Golan Heights. This cable car runs from the southern foothills of Kiryat Shmona to the heights of the Naftali Range by Kibbutz Manara in the Upper Galilee. 

Once at the top, choose from a variety of activities for you and the whole family, from mountain sliding along a 1,100-meter-long track to zip-lining along the longest zipline in Israel – or the steepest, which has a hair-rising 37-degree incline! For active families, there is even more: wall climbing, bow and arrow games, and extreme sports galore.

Tackle the Galilee by Bike

Cyclists can pedal a 12km route along the hilly forests of the Hula Valley – or the lake Hula Trail, a new lake with a 9km trail where you can peer into the lives of birds and other animals that inhabit this stunning area.