Visit a City Where Christians, Arabs, Druze and Jews Live in Harmony

Another gem, located 8km from Maalot Hatarisha, is Peki’in, a town of harmony, where Christian Arabs, Druze, and Jews have lived together for hundreds of years. Today, the city is predominantly Druze, but it is still famous for its restored ancient synagogue, which belongs to one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world. Visit its cave where Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his son hid from the Romans.


Discover Your Crafty Side with Creative Glass and Metal Workshops

Prepare for breathtaking views! In the Western Galilee, we’ll take a drive on the Northern Road, connecting east and west, running along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon. Visit the talented blacksmith, Yuval Telem, and do a three-hour workshop in a gorgeous location that overlooks the Adir Mountains, Meron Mountains, and the Golan Heights. Choose to continue to Kibbutz Hanita to visit Dani Kalderon, a glass smith with an incredible glass workshop.

Visit the colorful & cultural streets of Ma’arag in Kefar Veradim to feast your eyes on a cultural tourism initiative where artists, artisans, and people with special needs gather to work and show off their creative art, connect, and network.


Have a Merry Merry Christmas in Nazareth 

We’ll take you to Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus, which is nestled in the tranquil hills of the Lower Galilee. Nazareth is Israel’s Christmas secret, where Israel’s largest Christian community lights up the city during December. Bask in the complete experience with festive celebrations, incredible Arab hospitality, authentic Arab treats, parties, and Santa Claus! There are plenty of reasons to visit Nazareth at any time of year, in fact. Find incredible Knafe, a Middle-Eastern dessert made of a noodle-like pastry and cheese, tahini factories, restaurants, and authentic local hospitality at its best.