Meet Neta Ganga Margalith, Co-founder and CEO of “Brothers in Yoga”:
A non-profit that supports Israeli veterans suffering from PTSD, through Yoga and Meditation.

The first question she asks is – “what does peace mean to you?”
Peace is such a big word when we think of society but what if we think about moments of
peace, of silence, in our day-to-day experience?

The biggest wish for a veteran suffering from combat shock is to have that kind of moment, to
be in peace, even for a moment. Today there are about 50,000 veterans with PTSD. This
phenomenon touches every home, family and community in Israel, it is shaping our society.
“As a veteran, a Yoga teacher & practitioner I can share that Yoga saved me, in so many
aspects, before, during and after my military service.
When you go through life-changing experiences (which we all do), the body carries the
memory, along with the mind. If it’s a painful memory or even extremely stressful – our body keeps carrying that, physically too.

Today, we understand that psychotherapy or other mental-therapy is limited in the ability
to heal trauma or PTSD. There is nothing wrong in going to those therapies, but in many
cases it is just not enough.

Yoga is a way of life, it is a way of exercising, breathing, relaxing, thinking, eating and
being. Yoga gives me many tools that support a healthy daily routine.
It allows me to listen back to my inner-voice, to listen to my body and its needs, to
practice compassion and love towards myself and others, to heal my wounds and to find
moments of peace. After 6 years of running away from Israel, from the trauma, I came
back, not only to heal myself, but to help so many others, through the gift that helps me –
the gift of Yoga.

Along with Oren Gavriely and 7 more founders we established “Brothers in Yoga” 1 year
ago, in order to help all Israeli veterans who are looking for a healing path.
Now, beginning of 2023, after over 9,000 hours of practice and 30 graduates, we are
motivated to expand our activity and be in service for as many veterans as we can”
BIY’s vision is to take veterans through a targeted & sensitive practice of Yoga in order to
help them overcome their trauma and successfully reconnect them back to Israeli society.

Our mission is to strengthen Israeli society by providing resilience, healing & peace to those
who make personal sacrifices to provide that for all of us – our soldiers and first responders.

Our target is to create a sustainable system that will take thousands of veterans through this
program and will bring improvement to each and every one of them in their daily life.
Program includes: 2 weekend retreats in an Ashram, 16 weekly practices via Zoom.
We are now fundraising for the upcoming year of giving back to 100 more veterans!
We ask you to become an ambassador and join the Friends of BIY!
Help us help them, we don’t leave anyone behind.

With gratitude fo all the support we receive, from the depths of our hearts we thank you,
for joining this amazing family.
Come and practice Yoga with us!

Here is a Link to the crowdfunding campaign

Campaign video :

YouTube channel: “Brothers in Yoga”

Contact info: // Neta Ganga +972-52-397-0287