Puzzle’s guide on how to enjoy tours to Israel with food restrictions and still have a great culinary experience!

Having food restrictions isn’t always easy in day to day life, so having food restrictions while traveling can be even harder. When culture and language are foreign, it can be complicated to explain exactly what you need or want. Today, with a growing number of vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free people in the world, food is undergoing a huge revolution. This revolution is at an all-time high in Israel today. In fact, Tel Aviv is considered one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the Middle East! When you are on an Israel vacation with Puzzle, you never have to worry about not having something to eat. Puzzle Israel specializes in making sure that each and every stomach is full and satisfied throughout the entire trip!

Veganism in Israel
It is widely known that agriculture in Israel is fantastic, producing the very best fruits, grains, and vegetables in every climate and condition. This fact makes it a pleasure to eat vegan in Israel. In fact, there are so many vegans in Israel that even the IDF offers animal product-free solutions to soldiers, with special meal plans and non-leather boots for vegan soldiers! In 2015, the increase of vegan and vegetarian options offered at restaurants and supermarkets was the largest food trend of the year. As a Tel Aviv resident, I bare witness to this each and every day, with the option to turn almost any meal into a vegan or vegetarian meal at most restaurants, and even some restaurants turning completely vegan. Where there was once only a chicken option, there is now a tofu option. Seitan is making its way onto the menus of some of the most prominent restaurants and cafes. The little green leaf symbolizing a vegan meal next to menu items is showing up in more and more places, and veganism is finally receiving the positive reputation of colorful, flavorful and nutritious food for everyone, not just the “crunchy hippie” type, or PETA proponents. Some of Israel’s most beloved street food, like falafel and hummus, is vegan from the get-go, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on this special Mediterranean delicacy.

Gluten-Free Israel
Gluten is a word we are hearing more and more in the media. Society is gaining awareness for some of the less desirable effects of gluten, and more and more people are developing sensitivities. This increase in gluten sensitivity is no stranger to Israel. Just as the vegan options at restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets are growing, as are gluten-free options. In fact, even some of Israel’s most popular snacks are now gluten-free, including the famous and addicting peanut butter crunch snack Bamba, and Hashachar Israel’s local chocolate spread. Nowadays, all of the major chains of tasty cafes and restaurants offer several gluten-free dishes, as well as the option to turn dish gluten-free. And it’s not only the chains, but the high-class restaurants all over the country also have gluten-free food, even the Italian ones!

Puzzle Israel is here to help
As most of you know, Puzzle Israel loves great food and believes that everyone should have something tasty and satisfying to eat. Puzzle Israel offers culinary tours and the in-house catering is dedicated to accommodating every eater, and the whole Puzzle Israel team is dedicated to finding restaurant and meal options for every traveler based on restrictions and needs. Just tell us what you need, and we will do the rest! So feel at home, celebrate veganism and gluten freedom with the classiest and best food out there!

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