While some families opt to go on vacations to a coastal resort to relax or a European country to enjoy the cities, other families decide to make memories in a more interesting and exciting way on Israel family tours.

Israel family tours offer more than sitting on the beach, going on hikes, or going to museums. Family vacations to Israel offer the most fun activities with a meaningful history and unprecedented views, all while connecting to the beautiful Israeli culture and ultimately creating a stronger and deeper bond with your family. Whether you decide to go on  private guided tours in Israel, with only your family or with a group of families, parents, kids, and even grandparents are bound to find excitement at every turn! Check out some of the options for family trips to Israel in 2017!

Private guided tours in Israel for the whole family

One of the great things about private guided tours in Israel specific for families, is that your family’s wants and needs will be met perfectly, and the trip will be completely customized to fit your family’s personality. Israel tour guides are also wonderful with kids of all ages, from younger families to families with teenagers. No two families are exactly the same, and as such no two Israel family tours should look exactly the same. Each family should experience Israel in the way that will be most meaningful for that family, and not the way that seems the easiest for the collective. That’s why private guided tours in Israel are often a great option for those families looking for a unique and authentic experience.

Multi-generational Israel family tours

For younger generations, it can be extremely powerful to travel with grandparents to meaningful locations such as Israel. Having on Israel family tours three, sometimes even four generations together makes not only the history of the country come alive, but also the history of the family. This can make a lifelong impact on the younger generations of a family. Logistics for this type of trip aren’t easy, but with the right tour guides in Israel, there is no reason it cannot be done. There are many activities that are enjoyable for every generation, as well as opportunities to allow for the kids to do one thing while the adults do another.

Small group trips to Israel in 2021/22

In order to add another level of fun to Israel family tours, a number of families with common interests can group together. This allows for kids to create new bonds with kids from other families, and parents to enjoy some quality time with other adults and friends. If families are looking into trips to Israel in 2021, customised group vacations might be the best option because planning as a group can be easy and fun. This option is also often more cost efficient for those who are travelling on a budget.

At the end of the day, giving your family a unique and exciting experience in Israel is the best gift you could ever give them, even more than sunbathing on the beach in Mexico or riding a rollercoaster at some amusement park. Israel has something for everyone, and has the unique ability to create a truly strong family bond!