If you are planning a trip to Israel this summer, be sure that your evenings will be filled with ice cream. Summer days in Israel are certainly warm to say the least, but it is all made better with that holy scoop of ice cream. Here is Puzzle Israel’s “scoop” on the top 5 ice creameries in Israel, from north to south!

The Galilee: Buza

Ice cream and personality never mixed better than at Buza. Buza, the first branch located in Ma’alot-Tarshicha in the Western Galilee, is run by two friends, Alaa and Adam, who happen to be an Arab and a Jew, showing that something as simple as ice cream can be a step toward peace. Buza uses the very best local ingredients in their ice cream, making the experience even more decadent. Buza also offers workshops in ice cream churning at their location on Kibbutz Sasa, so you can learn their wonderful secrets and make a creamy delight for yourself. Additional locations are in Tel Aviv and the Goma Junction. Click here for more information!

Tel Aviv: Anita

If you’ve ever been on a vacation to Israel and visited Tel Aviv, chances are you’ve either seen or tasted Anita’s ice cream. With a few locations around Tel Aviv from Sarona to Neve Tzedek, Anita is full of special flavors and ingredients, from chocolatey to salty to fruity. The atmosphere is fully Israeli, giving a truly authentic Israel travel experience.

Check out this link for the full scoop.

Jerusalem: Mousseline

Located in the heart of the Mahane Yehuda Market, Mousseline offers both atmosphere and the most unique flavors around. From grapefruit basil ice cream to sour cherry and more, there is almost no flavor that Mousseline isn’t able to make tasty. Orit, the owner, left the hi-tech industry to follow her true passion – ice cream. Just like an Israel vacation isn’t complete without a visit to Mahane Yehuda Market, a visit to the market isn’t complete without a taste of Mousseline ice cream. Here is their website.

Summer days in Israel are certainly warm to say the least, but it is all made better with that holy scoop of ice cream

Ashkelon: Jet Lek

Jet Lek’s mottos is “outside of the scoop ice cream”, and it truly does serve some out of this world things. Not only do they have special and cool flavors, they have true ice cream creations. With melting chocolate domes, homemade ice cream sandwiches, and hand dipped donuts, Jet Lek is an up and coming competitor in the Israeli ice cream scene. It is the perfect place to stop for a sweet treat and memorable experience on your way to visit the desert during your next Israel vacation. Check out the mouth watering pictures here!

The Arava: Yotvata

Yotvata is the true dairy champion in Israel, and their ice cream certainly speaks for their high quality. With simple flavors that will give you a taste of kibbutz life back in the day, Yotvata’s ice cream is a cold dessert in the hot desert.

Puzzle Israel is always looking to give our travellers a sweet taste of Israel, and the growing ice cream empire here will certainly create that amazing memory and keep you coming back for more!