Israel has certainly become a hub for foodies. With such an up and coming culinary scene, Israel food tours have become the big thing in tourism. Learn more about the best local Israel food tours.

Local Israel food tours offer a variety of options – from tasting tours in different markets, to wineries and dairies, to the best chef workshops in the world, and any trip to Israel these days can become a real exciting Israel culinary tour.

What is so Special About Israel’s Culinary Aspects?

The Agriculture

The small country with a large portion of desert is a master in agriculture, so the delicious food that Israelis produce is also generally local.

The Variety of Cultures

Also, because Israel is a true melting pot, the culinary scene is one big fusion of taste, combining food traditions from all over the world. If you are planning to visit Israel and you are a foodie, or just love food, Israel food tours are just perfect for you.

The Best Local Restaurants

Israel’s growing restaurant scene has been written about and reviewed quite a bit lately. That’s probably because the restaurants in Israel are darn good. With locally sourced ingredients, the food is always fresh. Also, many chefs in Israel take inspiration from their childhood memories, so the food is often a fusion of old and new, traditional ethnic foods with a modern twist. The restaurant scenes in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are booming, and there are also quite a few gems in the north and the south that you might not expect. When planning your next trip to Israel or Israel food tour, be sure to make a few restaurant reservations. Check out the top 10 restaurants in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The Markets

One cannot visit Israel without visiting the amazing food markets in the country. It’s like having a farmer’s market every day of the week, yet even more special on a Friday morning when everyone is getting ready for the Shabbat feast. The colorful markets in Israel are a must for any Israel culinary tour and any trip to Israel in general because the food is amazing and the culture is even more amazing. From the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv to Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, the produce, sweets, nuts, and spices are unbeatable. Israel food tours in the markets are fun and exciting, and especially tasty!

Wineries and Dairies

Israeli wines and dairy are two specialties that Israel has gained bragging rights in. With award winning wine and dairy from the lush green north to the desert in the south, there are many Israel food tours that include tastings at the most unique and delicious wineries and dairies. Let the wine and cheese speak for themselves when you go on Israel food tours to these places.

The Salad Trail

One of the most unique culinary experiences in Israel is the Salad Trail. The Salad Trail is exactly what it sounds like, a trail that is lined with fresh produce that is grown along the trail. Is is like walking through the produce section of a grocery store, but everything is straight from the ground and nothing is off limits! Take this awesome tour and eat all along the way.