For many teens and young adults, going on tours in Israel is a life changing experience. Jewish Israel tours for teens and young adults help to shape both a Jewish identity as well as a relationship with Israel that lasts a lifetime.

There are many options out there for tours to Israel for teens and young adults, and many are organized trips to Israel. It is important to choose the right organized trip to Israel for you, so that you can enjoy Israel in a way that will have a lasting impression. Here are some of the best types of organized trips to Israel for teens and young adults!

Volunteer tours in Israel

Often times, Jewish young adults will do volunteer work in the US for different organizations. However, it is incredible substantial for every young adult to do volunteer work during tours in Israel. It gives a new perspective to the charity work done for Israel from abroad. There are many organized trips to Israel that offer volunteer opportunities, such as volunteer work on a kibbutz, volunteering with youth in danger or with Holocaust survivors . Think of it as an “alternative and meaningful spring break”!

Active tours in Israel

Teens and young adults are the perfect group for active tours in Israel. Israel has hundreds of hiking, rappelling, spelunking, and canyoning opportunities that are great for the young and brave. This is also a great way to discover the country from north to south, and to see the beautiful views and landscapes from vantage points that you won’t find anywhere else. Other types of active tours include cycling tours, yoga tours, and camping.

LGBT tours in Israel

Israel has a booming LGBT scene, with one of the largest pride parades in the world, and Tel Aviv as one of the gay-friendliest cities in the world. There are many organized trips to Israel that take groups to discover this vibrant scene. LGBT tours in Israel are a new way to enjoy a wonderful side of the culturally rich country.

Jewish teen and young adult tours in Israel

Jewish Israel tours are a great option for teens and young adults. Teens and young adults are at a point in life where they can and should be forming a Jewish identity and a relationship with Israel. Jewish Israel tours for teens are created to do just that – help show the many sides of Israel, from culture, to food, to religious sites, to beautiful nature, in order to help each teen and young adult form a well rounded and informed opinion. Also, spending time with other Jewish teens and young adults is a fun added bonus that will create lifelong friendships!