One of the most wonderful things about Israel is the Israeli people. Israelis offer a unique perspective on their unique culture, and are not afraid to share their passions with those around them. That’s why the tour guides in Israel are so spectacular – they are passionate about their country and they share that passion with every tourist. Upon planning trips to Israel in 2017, it is certainly worth it to consider guided tours in Israel, so you can not only learn about the country, but you can also fall in love with Israel through the passionate culture and wonderful people. Here are the top three reasons that guided tours in Israel are the way to go when planning trips to Israel in 2021!

Tour guides in Israel are family oriented

On Israel family tours, it is very important to have a guide that knows how to get through to an audience of kids. Tour guides in Israel understand this importance, and as such they are experts on connecting to kids of all ages. A love for Israel and Israeli culture stems from the young generations, so a guide that knows how to impart that passion and love on the younger tourists is a successful guide. It is also no secret that Israel family tours can be difficult because it can be hard to find activities that are appealing and appropriate for all members of the family. Tour guides in Israel are highly aware of that fact, and are experts in making every site attractive to the whole family.

Guided tours in Israel can be customized

While large organized trips to Israel are usually “cookie cutter itineraries”, meaning they are the same for every group every trip. Guided tours in Israel, though, are put together by the guide and tour provider together with the group coming to Israel. That way, instead of getting a generic itinerary that won’t necessarily work for your specific group, you will get an itinerary that is fit to the interests of your group. Just as the tour can be customized, so can the tour guide. Tour guides in Israel fall on a wide spectrum of interests and specialties, so when planning customized guided tours in Israel, you can also find a tour guide in Israel that meets your interests and needs.

Touring with a guide will gain you special access

There are many places that lone tourists cannot go into in Israel. However, with trained tour guides in Israel, almost no doors are closed to tourists. Guided tours in Israel offer all of the activities that might not be listed in the guide books, because tour guides in Israel have all of the insider knowledge. Tour guides in Israel all go through intensive training for two years in order to gain the privilege to pass their knowledge and passion along to tourists, and along the way they learn about all of the hidden nooks and crannies and most beautiful corners of the country. When going on guided tours in Israel, tourists get the exclusive access to those places, as well.