Do you want to discover the secrets of baking the perfect loaf of bread?

Do you want to discover the secrets of baking the perfect loaf of bread? You can do so at Kemach Haaretz, a flour mill located at a pastoral kibbutz called Kibbutz Michael, which is located between Kiryat Gat and Ashkelon. Here, we’ll learn about all the different flours that are milled on the kibbutz and take part in one of the available workshops. These include classes on making croissants, sourdough, and baking without gluten.

In the Northern Negev, 15 minutes from Dimona, lies Yeroham, around 520 meters above sea level. Here, you will discover a unique opportunity to make a deep connection over food as you connect with women of the city, who will open their homes and introduce you to their culture and cuisines.  This project, dubbed the Culinary Queens of Yeroham, takes you into the lives and kitchens of local women from different backgrounds, most of whom were born in Arab countries and later made aliyah. Eat, connect, and come home with tons of authentic recipes that will change the way you cook!

Eat, Live and Play on a Kibbutz

One of the unique types of places in Israel is the kibbutz – and we have a few different ones to choose from. Discover places like Yotvata, the first kibbutz in the Arava, which was founded in 1957 and known for its incredible dairy products (we’ll take you on an ice cream eating experience), or visit a small ecological kibbutz that grows quality organic produce and serves as an artist colony. All in the same visit, you’ll learn about organic farming, desert architecture, and water recycling. You can also check out the Art Center and winery, where you will taste incredible cheeses and wine.

Another gem is Orlyya Farm, located in the middle of the Ramat-Negev region at the heart of the Negev Desert. This place is named after the priest of the love goddess, Aphrodite, who represents feminine power and wisdom. As legend has it, this goddess is buried in the ancient Nabatean city of Avdat, just 5 kilometers from the farm.

At Orlyya, you can discover their complete agricultural journey. This includes learning about the Argan tree, which produces Argan oil. You may also know this as Moroccan oil, a trending oil that has become one of the most popular hair and beauty luxury products exported out of Israel.