Eat Your Way through This Rich Culinary Hub

After a day of sightseeing, it’s time to brush up on your culinary creativity by eating your way through the city. From a two-hour tour through Machane Yehuda Market to an Israeli basics cooking class, it’s all here and ready for you to explore.

As one of the most incredible markets in Israel, a stop for locals and tourists alike, Machene Yehuda Market is a place where you can taste all those Israeli foods you have heard about, along with many that you have not yet discovered. Discover a melting pot of restaurants and cultures, where bonafide Georgian, Iraqi, Moroccan, Yemenite and Russian food are on the menu. 

Explore the colorful market and its flavors, listen to the vendor stories, learn how to pick persimmons, wipe (yes this is the verb Israeli’s use) hummus like a local, and distinguish between the different spices. In the evening, venture from bar to hotspot for a once-in-a-lifetime culinary tasting, experiencing the true Israeli nightlife that can only be found in Jerusalem.


Break Bread with the Locals

Exploring the food scene is a must in Jerusalem.  But even more important is discovering it along with the locals, who live and breathe the city and its delicacies. Experience a sit-down dinner with all ingredients that were hand-picked in the market, taste locally brewed beers, local wines, and, most of all, discover foods you had no idea existed!