La Dolce Vita

Known for its unique, boot-like shape, Italy is famed around the world for its culture, ancient traditions, exquisite food, and endless historical sites to discover. Italians are also known for their boundless zest for life and hand-made pasta – not to mention their unparalleled reputation as romantic and passionate lovers!

What makes Italy truly unique goes beyond the streets and the arts. Every city has its own micro- culture, dialect, cuisine, and traditions, making this a destination packed with inexhaustible opportunities for cultural enrichment and personal connection.

In Napoli (Naples), we’ll be inspired by the novel My Brilliant Friend, learn the secrets of Neapolitan pizza, and take in the panoramic views seen from secret islands.

In Firenze (Florence), we’ll marvel at world-famous art and architecture as we sip fine wines. We will also discover Italy’s gastronomic treasures through cooking classes with the locals.

Around Bologna, we’ll go hunting for truffles. In Trieste, we’ll discover the influences of Italian, Slovenian and Austro- Hungarian history on this seaport city.

We’ll follow in the footsteps of ancient Romans, discover Michelin-starred restaurants and local markets, and learn the secrets of hand-churned gelato. Join us in discovering Italy’s lush life  and live la dolce vita!

Our Puzzle 10-day tour was amazing from start to finish

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Puzzle arranged for absolutely the right guide for us, of course, we hit all the major spots

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