Discover History

As a holy city for three religions (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity), Jerusalem’s complex historical background is one of the most fascinating stories in the world. Discover history through the eyes of the locals in all its complexity, depth and beauty and go underground with a tour from the City of David to the Western Wall.

Walk along the south-western cornerstone of the Temple Mount, stroll along Jerusalem’s main thoroughfare during the Second Temple period, and listen to the details about the incredible artifacts and history inside the tunnel. You can even discover a bell made of gold, an ancient roman sword, or a temple seal. There is so much to uncover!


Take in the Biblical Beauty of Jerusalem

From hidden springs to an underground tunnel flowing since the time of the prophets, biblical secrets and surprises lie in wait around every corner. Embark on an adventure and take in the beauty of uncovered walls, real-life fortresses, and ancient journeys in the City of David, Ancient Jerusalem.


Wander in the Western Wall Tunnels

Take in this city’s history, heritage, and endless beauty, all in one. Step into the excavations site under the western part of the Western Wall Plaza and explore all the underground corners, cracks, and spaces found under the Western Wall’s tunnel route. It’s a mix of new findings with the old, a true adventure under the city.


Encounter Every Quarter and Connect with Culture

Our exclusive tours take you to the old city’s Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Armenian quarters, allowing you to take in the captivating stories, history, and depth that lie waiting for you at each turn of the street. At the same time, you’ll hear the actual stories of how the lives of these different groups intertwined as they live side by side.


Get Impressed by the Archeology

The Archeological Park – Davidson Center is one of the most impressive archeological sites in the world, featuring artifacts and discoveries from several periods, including the First and Second Temple periods, the Byzantine Muslim period, and the ancient Crusades period. Here, you can discover the story of the wall of the city and learn about the First Temple period as well as visiting local shops and ritual baths. This museum is hidden in an archeological park and is an all-encompassing adventure that will bring you back to the time and days of the Second Temple.

Don’t forget to visit Zedekiah’s cave, located beneath the old city; this is an artificial, man-made cave that provided Jerusalem’s builders with an excellent quarry for the stones hewn and used in the construction of the city’s major public edifices. It has served as a non-stop quarrying facility over the years, eventually producing the cave’s present gigantic proportions.


Museum Musings

Israel has over 200 museums, and many of these gems are in the “City of Gold”. Gaze at the Tower of David Museum, located at the world-famous medieval citadel known as the Tower Of David (right by the Jaffa Gate), or while away the hours at the sprawling 50,000 square-meter Israel Museum and its six-acre sculpture garden. This huge museum complex houses an impressive variety of collections, showcasing everything from prehistoric archeology to contemporary art.

A real jewel on the museum scene is the Hebrew Music Museum, which displays countless musical instruments. Learn about the instruments of the past all the way up to today’s most high tech musical devices while listening to the sounds and music they are capable of producing.


Yad Vashem, is one of the most important and meaningful places to visit, a sober museum and memorial dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust and the righteous gentiles.