Shuk Chic

Explore the market, aka shuk, scene that’s unlike anywhere else in the world. Treat your senses to the Carmel Market’s bountiful produce stands alongside local pastries, like bourekas, burik,  baklava, and underground street food eateries. Discover the bustling restaurant scene hiding in the alleys of the market. 

Visit Shuk Hatikvah, an old-school, undiscovered gem showcasing eclectic food from all over the world. Enjoy a literal taste of different cultures from Georgia to Yemen while exploring new baking techniques, like Bucharian breads baked on a ceiling or making fresh ceviche with local artisans. A tour of Shuk Levinsky will reveal a cluster of streets filled with shops featuring heaps of spices, pickled lemons, and hard-to-find local ingredients. All this, in a trendy bohemian neighborhood filled with free-spirited cafes.

Why explore one market when you can discover them all?

  • Explore the colorful and busy Carmel Market –  located in the heart of the city, the market attracts visitors and locals alike. The market became the hottest culinary scene in Israel and is the place to try spicy Middle Eastern dishes as well as sophisticated fusion and exotic delights, such as Vietnamese buns, Venezuelan sandwiches and Tunisian Burik. There is also a great Malabi stand at the market! You must try this local dessert, and if you like it, you can make it easily at home! (lunch included).


  • Enjoy a special culinary tour of Levinsky market. Levinsky Market is preserving the more traditional food culture and certain shops, restaurants are unique to this market. The magic of this market place lies in its many legendary tales of culinary growth and discovery. The market represents a colorful mix of Jewish communities and this is the place where you can meet Persian, Turkish, Syrian and Yemeni Jews working side by side and selling their coffee, herbs, sweets and tea blends.


  • Meet a local culinary expert and visit the Hatikva neighborhood and market for a fascinating tour that explores how the old and new meet to create a fascinating new reality. We will learn about the local special music that developed in this area, taste unique coffee and very special dishes prepared by the many different Jewish communities, living side by side.

Best food tour ever!!

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