Connect and Make A Difference

Make your trip to Israel more meaningful and memorable by discovering unique opportunities to connect.

Travel with us and see, interact with, and connect with some of the amazing work happening in Israel.  With direct engagement, you will be able to see and experience ALL of the beauty that Israel has to offer. Israel is not just the place for tech startups, but for social startups as well!

The opportunities here are endless but to name just a few: 


Experiential Education

Visit The Orchard of Abraham’s Children in Jaffa – this unique preschool is focused on creating a safe, educational environment for both Arab and Jewish kids, whose families are a part of a growing community in Jaffa. This place holds classes in two tongues – Hebrew and Arabic. This idea stems from the understanding that once you know both languages the barriers from both cultures will be brought down! Here, you’ll also get to meet the staff of the kindergarten and its little students!


Immerse in Innovation:

Israel is referred to as the “Start-Up Nation.”  Enjoy these opportunities to experience it for yourself. Visit the Center for Israel Innovation by Taglit (in partnership with the TLV Stock Exchange) to discover Israeli innovations and inventions, as well as technological advancements and achievements. Get inspired by one of the most successful countries for startups in the world and rub elbows with Israeli innovators.  Or visit the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation, a unique center that focuses on Israel as an “innovation nation.” See how it showcases diverse fields and the people behind Israeli discoveries, whose aims are to promote a better future of prosperity and peace.


Connect through Social Impact

Visit the Kite Pride center, a social impact business that offers safe employment for men and women escaping modern-day slavery, and creating jobs that put people back into the workforce. Explore your creative and collaborative side and walk out with your own hand-made, tailored, upcycled KitePride product! Take a look at THIS great video to see what they do!

Visit and tour the Kuchinate establishment. This is a socio-psychological project located in South Tel Aviv, aimed at empowering African asylum-seeking women who have found themselves in vulnerable situations. Simply sitting together in a supportive and understanding environment while making creations rooted in African culture is therapeutic and helps the women cope with their difficult realities. Kuchinate also allows women to earn money and interact with the Israeli public through workshops and events. Take part in a workshop and interact with these strong women.



Other ways to Connect

Join “Fashionating Israel” tour – a unique interactive tour, introducing participants to Israel and its culture through fashion. The tour addresses the relationship Israeli fashion has with the various aspects of living in the country.

Step into a bohemian studio in the heart of Tel Aviv and meet Liron for a unique experience that combines doing good, Spanish music and a Flamenco workshop.

Meet Libbi Cohen for a fascinating tour of the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station – this building is a 2.5 million square “white elephant” in the city. It was the product of a grand vision to build an indoor micro-metropolis featuring a shopping mall with thousands of stores, services and entertainment offerings. Until a few years ago, the Central Bus Station was the largest bus terminal in the world. Now it is one of the most notorious buildings in Israel. Yet it is an urban ecosystem of its own, home to a wide range of different users: discount shops, artists, a theater, a Yiddish cultural center, health clinics, societies for foreign workers, stalls serving homemade international cuisines, endangered bats, and, yes, also bus passengers.

Take part in an amazing experience at the Mayumana house, a rhythm workshop.

Visit NATAL (Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War –  an apolitical nonprofit organization). NATAL was established in 1998 with the aim of increasing public awareness of National Psychotrauma caused by the Israeli-Arab conflict. 

Take  part in an interesting social tourism project called “Professions that Disappear from the World” – this is a rare glimpse into the lives of artisans whose professions are disappearing from the world due to the advance technology and massive imports from the Far East (needs to be booked in advance through us)

Visit the Tel Aviv International Synagogue– bring in the Shabbat with a special Kiddush, great people all around you and magical atmosphere! The synagogue sometimes hosts different artists on Friday evening, and usually serves champagne and snacks. This is a great way to experience the young heart of Judaism in Tel Aviv.

Enjoy a Shabbat dinner together with members of the Kehilat Halev community encouraging exchange and insights into liberal Jewish life in Israel. Enjoy a delicious catered dinner together with Kehilat Halev after Kabbalat Shabbat to connect and foster new friendships and strengthen the ties between Jewish Communities around the world.