Travel through the Outskirts of the City

Tel Aviv is surrounded with so many opportunities, and it’s easy to get around by taxi or bus.

Explore Holon, a 20-minute drive from Tel Aviv, where you can find one the most amazing children’s museums in the country or pay a special visit to  “Save A Child’s Heart” at the Wolfson Medical Center where children from all over the world are accepted to receive free heart surgery by Israel’s leading medical experts. At the Israel Children’s Museum, visit Dialogue in the Dark, a unique activity led by the blind, which lets you experience what it’s like to navigate life without your sight to guide you. 

A 30-minute drive from Tel Aviv will take you to Rehovot, to pick fruits and vegetables from Israeli farm fields and orchards at Leket Israel, The National Food Bank, a registered nonprofit Israel-based charity, and the leading food rescue organization in Israel.

Want to experience biblical cooking? Venture out to Neot Kedumim for a tour of a stunning nature reserve where you can learn about the bounty of produce and then cook your own light meal outdoors.  Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll lead the way!