Bar and Bat Mitzvah in the South of Israel

Though many enjoy Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah celebrations in holy Jerusalem, one shouldn’t overlook the host of opportunities to celebrate here in the Negev and South of Israel.

Imagine bringing your closest friends and family to discover an ancient fortress in Israel’s Judean Desert, dating back to 30BC. Take the ancient cableway – the lowest aerial tramway in the world – from its bottom station at 257 meters below sea level to its summit station at 33 meters above sea level.

We’ll finish up with a float in the Dead Sea, a salt lake that is bordered by Jordan to the East, with Israel and West Bank to the West. Known for its medicinal properties and ability to heal the skin, the Dead Sea is the perfect way to connect and experience a life-changing dip with breathtaking views.  After, we’ll take you to the Ein Gedi Synagogue for a celebration and “aliyat ha Torah.”

Hiking up to Masada to watch the sunrise, and then start our ceremony was priceless!

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Puzzle made our son's dream Bar Mitzvah come true!

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Most families who choose to celebrate their son or daughter’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony in Israel choose to do it by the Western Wall in Jerusalem or at one of the many synagogues in Israel.

But those are far from being the only options this fabulous country has to offer for a memorable event. In fact, some of the other options are arguably more breathtaking and will give your son or daughter a unique experience.

Here are a few religiously-significant and history-packed locations to choose from where you can enjoy a more intimate, personal, and spiritually satisfying celebration for your child’s bar mitzvah in Israel!

JOIN THE HISTORY – The Ancient Synagogue in Ein Gedi

Located in the Judean Desert, the Ancient Synagogue in Ein Gedi has been a landmark since the third century AD. Though destroyed three times, the synagogue still stands. Several artifacts were found during archaeological excavations, including several mosaics, writings, and even lineage from Adam all the way to Yefet.

The settlers of ancient Ein Gedi used to make a living by selling the mysterious persimmon oil. It is even written in the artifacts found in the synagogue that anyone who reveals the secret to how it is made shall be severely punished! Throughout the years, even through all of the battles and destruction, the Judean Desert and Ein Gedi remained a point of passage for every nomad and man in the area.

Imagine reading from the Torah in a synagogue with such rich history, and being part the victory and strength of the beautiful place, in the middle of one of the most special deserts in the world! The perfect sentiment for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.


THE ANCIENT WITH A NEW TWIST – The Synagogue on Masada

Though most people have heard of holding a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony on top of Masada, few take the time to truly appreciate the gravity of the place.

Aside from the beautiful view of the desert and the Dead Sea, Masada has a rich history of Jews who used the Great King Herod’s fortress, built at the edge of the mountain cliff,to protect themselves from the Romans. Just walking up the path to the top of Masada, and seeing the excavations, you feel as though you are part of the same pride of those people who died for honor.

Put a twist on the Masada Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and study the story before hand. Let the story resonate with you, and even find one of the many connections to the Torah portion at hand. Put a new twist on your Bar/Bat Mitzvah in a very old place!

Plan with Puzzle Israel for an Offbeat Bar Mitzvah in Israel

Combine one of these sites with a fabulous private lunch out in the open and a fun water hike or outdoor adventure activity – and you have a truly special experience for your son or daughter! At the very least, consider going with something that’s more memorable than it is probable, a unique experience that will have his or her friends jealous of the adventure.