Bar and Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem

Do you want to enjoy the experience of a lifetime? Do you want to celebrate your teen in the holy land? We want to make this special celebration a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your whole entire family. Let us take care of everything for you for a hassle-free experience, from finding you a top-notch photographer and musical entertainment to the rabbi of your choice. We have it all covered so you can enjoy the main event!


Location, Location, Location: What’s Your Style?

Classic Must!

Choose the Davidson Center, located south of the Western Wall. The place exhibits archeological discoveries from around 2,000 years ago and boasts an impressive section of the southern part of the Wall that surrounded the Second Jewish Temple. The ceremony at the Center will take place at the ancient Herodian Street, right beneath the remains of the famous Robinson Arch, through which people used to enter the Temple compound.


New and Modern

Stay at the Ezrat Israel section of the Western Wall, where men and women pray, side by side!


Educated and Powerful

For a more educational experience, celebrate at the Hebrew Union College, the Jewish Institute for religion.


Life-changing and Generous

Celebrate Bar/Bat Mitzvah together with an orphan from the Zion Orphanage – the world’s longest-running Jewish orphanage.


Mazal Tov, Now Let’s Get Noshing!

With Israel’s cuisine in the forefront, lately, there are so many opportunities to showcase this cuisine to your guests. Will you opt for a catered Israeli pop-up dinner at any location (yes, even in the middle of the forest), a party in Machane Yehuda Market or a special dinner at Israel’s most talked-about restaurant Machaneyehuda that has a crazy, energetic vibe and incredible food? The options are endless!