Alluring Architecture

Wander through the buildings, houses and alleyways that make up Tel Aviv. Discuss the social and political powers that shaped the way Tel Aviv was designed and built. Discover all the deep influences on the architecture of the city, and get to the heart of the city through its complex architecture.


Bauhaus Beauty

Discover walking tours of the “White City’s” up-and-coming neighborhoods, rich in culture,  history, and stories of the past.  Though called the “White City,” this area is certainly colorful and rich in its history, being a Unesco-declared heritage site and the world’s Bauhaus capital. Explore firsthand and in depth the neutral philosophy, design, and architecture free of any political association that was adopted by the newly emerging Zionist nation.  Marvel in the beauty of the buildings around you and discover the rich history behind them. 


Graffiti Tours

Wander through the heart of Tel Aviv as we unearth hidden walls, their stories, and how graffiti is the unique expression of the city’s geographical and cultural peculiarities, political movements, and artistic subcultures. See how a run-down neighborhood can emerge into one of the hippest places in the country, and how graffiti represents a lot more than meets the eye. The walls throughout the city speak to us every day; join us and learn the language of the streets.