Solar, Agriculture and Farming Opportunities

The South holds many opportunities for visitors to learn about the land, crops, and farming. At the Ramat Negev Agricultural R&D Center, come educate yourself about the incredible achievements in the Negev, such as the development of flourishing agriculture against all odds in extreme desert conditions.  Visit a stunning observation point, tour the greenhouses, and get introduced to the world of pollinating large Earth bumblebees.


Harness the Innovation of Solar Power

We’ll take you to visit the Ashalim Solar-Thermal Power Station, the largest solar-powered station in Israel. Learn about the three solar power stations belonging to the project. More specifically, concentrate on the solar-thermal power station, which creates electricity by solar-thermal hybrid tower technology. You can also hear about the environmental challenges and Station’s innovative solutions.


Sweet Honey Stops in the Arava 

Located 100 meters below sea level in the northern Arava, 12 kilometers south of Hatzeva and between the Yahav and Nikrot streams, sits Moshav Ein Yahav.  This is one of the largest apiaries in Israel, and more importantly is packed with sweet activities for the whole family! From a bee museum to a statue park, and an agricultural tour and movie about the area, there are so many opportunities for sweetness. It’s the place to BEE! 😉

North of Eilat, in the Arava Valley, is Kibbutz Ketura – the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.  Here, you can discover the first solar panel field in Israel and the first to be cleaned by robots!   Unearth the complexity of an algae production plant, Algatechnologies, a large-scale (40 MW) solar field, and Methuselah – the date palm germinated from a 2000-year-old date seed found at the excavations of Masada. Here, learn about the kibbutz, meet locals, and experience bona-fide kibbutz life.

For organic farming, we’ll take you to Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu for a Bio-Tour: a unique tour in a clean air and chemical-free environment, where you’ll learn about organic farming, all followed up by a special meal with the community.