Archery, Hiking and Endless Adventures for the Whole Family

After a visit to the amazing Makhtesh Ramon, we’ll visit the Desert Archery Park in Mitzpeh Ramon. Here, you can experience a game of archery in the magical desert. At night, the whole family will enjoy a stargazing adventure through the black of night, an ethereal experience to remember for the rest of your life!

Have You Ever Seen an Alpaca?

The alpacas and llamas brought from the Andes Mountains in South America will be happy to welcome you to their residence in Israel! Come visit these cute creatures at a unique ranch, which is situated right next to the ridge of the famous Ramon Crater at the highest part of the Negev Desert.

After you’ve finished petting these fluffy South American cuties, we’ll conclude the tour with a 1.5-hour ride of the crater area.


Let’s Go Sandboarding

What to do with all this endless sand? One great answer – and perhaps the only one is: Let’s go sandboarding! Experience a sport that you didn’t even know existed, surfing down the dunes and over virgin sands that come all the way from the African Sahara straight to Israel.

Make Friends with Crocodiles

Want to add a bit of snap to your Israeli vacation? You can do just that at Crocoloco Crocodile Farm. As the name suggests, this is a unique desert farm that’s famous for growing African Nile crocodiles. We’ll get to learn about these fascinating creatures and get up close and personal with them – and for the brave, there’s even an opportunity to hold a cute baby crocodile!

At Eretz Beresheet (Genesis Land), we’ll take the whole family on an exotic ride all the way back to biblical times. In the heart of the Judean Desert, we’ll go on camel rides, bake pitas in the wilderness, and enjoy a trek into the desert from Genesis Land, along the bridge above the spectacular riverbed of Wadi Kelt.